I hate literally everyone. ever. If everyone felt the way I’m feeling there would be very few people left. 

I’m feeling very alone and isolated. I go to work and school and then I’m too busy being sick and tired and sad to go anywhere. 

sadsadsadasadsadsadsadsadsadsad and I feel like deathdeathdeathdeathdeath and it’s been yearsyearsyearsyearsyears and I’m still just a mess.

Lonely thoughts hurt


Quote from Dave Warwak, an American humane education teacher at Vegan School 101.

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Diablo Organics!


Dear god I have gorgeous friends

Agreed!!! ^^^

I absolutely adore this photo set. Angie looks so strong, so real, weathered, scarred and self-made. So much is said in these pictures. 

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For all the good that’s come out of the last few years, I still find Vancouver far more hostile, uninviting, and completely culturally xenophobic than Alberta, and it’s a shame. So many others that I’ve met from the prairies in Van have had similar experiences. 

Back home, in gay circles, artist circles, weird kid circles, if you found someone like you, you kept their number. You made sure to hang out, and talk and stay friends, even if you didn’t know them before. Because you knew that you would likely not have an opportunity to see that person again. Here I’ll go to places and events and go out of my way to talk to strangers, who just don’t have any interest in anyone new. I’m tired of this place. I’m tired of this lifestyle. I’m tired of the cliques and groups of just downright nasty people who only include others in conversation purely for cosmetic purposes. I haven’t made hardly any friends here, my cat is my best friend, I ended up in a hospital for a number of mental health issues and I have absolutely not a damn thing to show for it. It’s not all Vancouver’s fault of course. Regardless though, I’m done. I’m getting my degree and going home. I hate this place. I hate that the connections I have made bring me far more grief than good. I hate everyone. 




So I was looking at this terrible lingerie shop and….

bringing this back

she criticizes the taste of your meat for half an hour then storms off, it’s very erotic

Me everyday at work.

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Feeling abruptly odd and slightly alone.

I have some serious questions for the universe:
Why do drunk people on transit consistently either nearly attack me or I them, and why will they always pick me to bother out of everybody else.

Second: servers are a strange breed. Why is greeting one another with “oh my god you’re so skinny!” Acceptable among servers?

I don’t know. I just don’t understand.